30 Pcs Colorful Natuce Cat Balls 3cm Rubber Ball


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❤30 Bouncing balls: Cats like to play with the ball, 30PCS color bouncing balls, the number is enough, not afraid to lose. They can meet your cat’s different needs. Unleash the nature of the cat.
❤Material: Elastic plush, soft and comfortable, no lint, no fading, no smell, safe. Wear-resistant, bite-resistant and elastic.
❤20cm High elasticity: throwing it to the ground with normal force, it will play up to 15cm, a little louder, can play up to 20cm. Cats like to chase this toy.
❤Bright Colors: A variety of bright colors that attract cat’s attention and bring joy.
❤Healthy Cat: Great for keeping your kittens occupied when you are away or when you want to bond and exercise with them, burn off your kittens’ extra energy, help your cat stay fit and healthy.


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